future of work

Visiting The Future of Work and Learning Event

Across the two days, the event brings together everyone who is involved in transforming their workplace and learning. 

- Registrations will open March 16. -

The Future of Work and Learning is a free access event.
Visitors will have access to:
futureofworkandlearningevent 24
100 stands
3 conference rooms featuring world class speakers from across the globe, in English and French
futureofworkandlearningevent 23
2 open theatres where exhibitors will demonstrate and illustrate leading edge learning and workplace solutions and experiences. 

The Conference

The Future of Work and Learning Conference will be highly participative with a range of formats: Keynotes, themed interactive workshops, case studies, roundtable debates and chat shows.

Future HR

Performance management, talent management, diversity and equality, wellbeing, digital transformation of HR as a service, recruitment and placement, leadership development, succession planning, scenario and contingency planning. 

Learning and development

Content design and Creation, Leading edge new technologies applied to learning (Virtual reality, Artificial intelligence, Metaverse), Case studies of digital transformation from the classroom to online learning, MOOCS and SPOOCS, on line coaching and tutoring, testing, certification and evaluation, language learning, blended learning, Cohort Learning, Neurosciences, Latest instructional design techniques, learner engagement and motivation, deployment strategy, return on learning investment and performance measurement.

Future of work

Office of the future, leaders of the future, Ethical Enterprise, hybrid working, online team working and collaboration, managing a remote workforce, home office design, conservation and ecology in the workplace, core values and good governance.

The Open Theaters

In addition to the conference programme, visitors can also see and hear demonstrations and case studies in two open theatres. An exciting programme of presentations dedicated to the future of work and HR Practices and Learning and development respectively.